Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

In space no one can hear you squeal V2

The Watcher's Strike

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 111025

Arriving back at the Eye we head up to friend Vrinko’s apartment to discuss our next move. Technician Manco must not be feeling very well, as he rushes to the bathroom without even closing the door – perhaps it is something he ate, poor Jawa. We have the location of the Bloody Tusks home of operations, but it is dangerous to go alone. It may be a good idea to ask for support to ensure the mission’s success.

We head down to the Space Guild hall for our bounties and end up running into some Saurin political figure – he is eager to help with the fight against the Bloody Tusks, in hopes of rallying supporters for his own cause within the guild. With the mention of capital star-ship support, it is hard to not accept the offer. A deal is made, and our mission begins in about twelve hours.

Port-NPC-Vokk.jpg Our next stop is the Kessel’s Run, where we inform Vokk of our plan to rid of the Bloody Tusks pirates once and for all – he is more than happy to help us rally some local support and sets up food and drinks as we call-in as many star-ship crews on the station as we can. The gathering turns out to be a success; we will be flying out on this mission along-side the Banshee and Firecracker crews, as well as six other crews residing on the Eye.

A few hours later we all depart under the fleet name of “The Watchers”. Friend Vrinko and I man the turrets – we only have one shot at this. The element of surprise will help us initially, but there is every chance we can be overwhelmed by the pirates in a short amount of time. And with that thought, we come out of hyperspace into the familiar pirate shipyard…

Journals_TheTussk.jpgIn the distance is a planetoid – our target – the Gambit breaks off from the fleet and heads into the field. Technician Manco takes the first shot with the Ion cannon at a nearby patrolling craft, I choose a target further away and open fire – the enemy ship explodes. I swing around and take aim at technician Manco’s target – it too explodes into ball of flame. Pilot Tyr ramps up the speed and flies through the debris of dead ships, taking us that much closer to our ultimate target.

Behind us the rest of the Watchers fleet make their approach into the ship-yard, laser fire slowly lighting up the scene. Our surprise attack worked perfectly; already we are half way to the planetoid, as we see a handful of fresh pirate ships scramble towards us. Even at this speed we are able to fend off the defenders, I manage to take out two more ships, one of them a shielded transport. If only the rest of the mission goes this smoothly.

Pilot Tyr flies us into an opening on the planetoid’s surface – at this range we can see the structure of a base build into it. The Watchers fleet disappears from view, the darkness of space now replaced with a tunnel of arranged metals and pipes – and we are kept company by a lone pirate star-fighter hot on our tail.



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