Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Manifest Destiny V1

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 131011

So I’m staring at these two blasters pointing at my face.

How could a simple droid delivery be the part of the run that caused this kind of trouble?

Journals bluelightening

We got lost on our way to Alderaan…twice, which I still don’t quite understand. Captain Tyr seems to be of the opinion that the regular routes through these systems should be avoided and that he is better able to chart the course himself. Sure this makes sense for out of the way planets like Hoth and Relik, but Alderaan? One of the shining beacons in the galaxy? I think the way has been charted fairly well before.

Buy a map nerfherder!

Anyway the delay seemed to worry our Bothan passenger, the rebel agent; at least until Arri took her back to her cabin for a spell. After that she seemed a lot more relaxed, I don’t even want to think about it.

Anyway dropping off the Bothan went smoothly; we even got paid on the spot! We delivered the electronics and even picked up a new cargo for Denon. The fact that everything was going so well should have tipped me off.

Once we landed on Denon, our remaining passenger Hycoon, pulled some kind of hand welder and held the droid that we were delivering captive. A droid! I pulled the welder from his grasp and got the droid away from him. Meanwhile the loading ramp had lowered and that’s when our two blaster happy friends made their appearance and demanded I hand over the droid. Where are the rest of the crew? Why all this trouble over a simple engineering droid?

I’m not getting paid enough for this job.



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