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Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Memory Wipe V1

An Evening Drink

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Message: 030812

Port wispe After a lengthy discussion on how to deal with Kyfer and Wisspe, we agree to give Urgle’s original share over to them – with the addition of the crate of spice, which Keifer most likely helped himself to already back on the ship. I end up following friend Vrinko around the Eye as he enquires about his mysterious ‘witch’ friend. Making our way back to the ship we have Keifer meet us to give him his share of the earnings – unable to take the crate with him at this point, we agree to hold on to it for him a little longer.

I try and help technician Manco build one of the speeder bike kits we picked up from Russan, but I can sense he does not need me – he seems to be going over everything I do anyway – twice. Friend Vrinko gets news on the witch man’s where-abouts, so I team up with him again for another adventure down damp and shady alleys of the Eye.
We meet his friend and I am sent off to grab some food while they talk.

It seems nobody wants a Wookie around.

Port xanin Later in the day the crew ends up at the Kessel’s Run for a drink, what we do not expect however, is a stranger waiting for us there, even offering us a free drinks.
How odd. It is a female Mon Calamari, friend Vrinko must be pleased – her name is Xanin and she is a bounty hunter. She has quite the lively spirit too, very open and friendly. Admittedly a little strange for someone in her profession but…

..Wow! Does this drink taste fantastic. Tihaar – my favourite! This particular serving distilled from what tastes like some type of bittersweet wild berry – possibly even Kashyyk. How did she know? It warms my mouth soothingly.

Everyone gets a little chattier, and the bar’s ambience livens up as evening approaches.
There is talk about some trip out to Ropagi II, an aquatic world. The details are starting to get a little blurry though, is this trip a job?
I think at one point we end up hanging out at Xanin’s apartment. Is this an old friend of Vrinko’s? There is at least one other person there I do not recall being introduced to, a hooded figure. Turns out me and technician Manco are heading out to Ropagi II to fix something – I think.

It feels late so we head back to our ship. An interesting night to be sure, perhaps I will ask the others about the details in the morning.

That was some drink.



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