Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Memory Wipe V2

Good Riddance

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 260712

Hidden in my special spot deep in the engine bay I spot Vrinko enter engineering carrying his armour. He carefully looks it over suspecting that I’ve tampered with it. He finds nothing ha ha ha. Satisfied he leaves.

Later, Vrinko informs everyone he wants to visit the Witch. Damn! This means heading down into the stinking hive, I hate it down there. Garbage strewn everywhere, smelly, dank and chaotic, anyway we all agree to help him and set out. I really need to find a way to smuggle a weapon onto the Eye, I feel unsafe without a blaster. We spend a good part of the day looking around and asking questions, but no one has seen the Witch. Vrinko uses one of his contacts in security who promises to get back to us.

With little else we decide it’s time we get the business with Urgle out of the way and pay him what he’s owed. The less I have to do with him the better, so I let Vrinko setup a meeting, I did insist it takes place on out ship in case anything goes down though. We offer him 2.5k and a crate of spice, I sense he’s displeased and expected more, but I really don’t care. Vrinko manages to placate him and that’s that.


Annoyed I take my frustration out in the cargo bay and start building a speeder bike. Ari and Vrinko insist on helping. After five minutes of their clumsiness, scattering neatly laid our parts and spilling oil over instruction manuals I send them away and finally get some peace and quiet. Hours later, I have assembled a masterpiece. I finish it all over with a paint scheme resembling the noble head of a Jawa.

The lumbering idiots come back just as I am cleaning my tools. Vrinko tells me he found the Witch and he has a lead on a mysterious spacecraft that he wants to locate. The very idea does intrigue me, but when I press him for more information he’s just as slippery as ever.

Port vokk That evening we all d head over to the Kessels Run and get some drinks. When we get there, Vokk the barkeep, tells us someone wishes to meet out party.
Port xanin Glancing over I see a female Mon Cal sitting at a table with a round of drinks laid out before her. We all sit down and I immediately notice she is wearing metallic blue bounty hunter armour. It looks aquatic. She introduces herself as Xanin. I have heard of her. She may be a bounty hunter, but only takes reputable jobs and I think she may be affiliated with the Rebels. We banter back and forth for several minutes and mostly she tells me how great I am. Well no surprises there. She is likeable and I find myself trusting her.

She has a job for us. A prison break of sorts. A prison on a mostly underwater world. We are to break in and free someone. Ari and I will pose as engineers allowing me to hack their security systems while Vrinko and Xanin will break directly into the cell and rescue the target. There is however, one snag. The guards at the prison are telepathic so Ari’s and I must have our minds wiped before we go in. This I do not like one bit.

There is little else I can do but agree and I insist Vrinko come with me. We iron out the remaining details and then Xanin takes us to the executive level of the Eye to meet with memory wiper. This level is very fancy compared to our mundane quarters. We reach an apartment door and Xanin scans a pass allowing us to enter. We are shown into a plush living space and a few moments later a mysterious robed female emerges from the back.

I’m very worried about the entire process, the women speaks with a soothing voice and I feel calm, a little drowsy too. I cannot put into words the exact sensation I felt, but I am more peaceful than I have been for a very long time. I’m told when I reach the transport I will forget everything and follow specific orders to complete an engineering job. I hope I get my memories back afterwards. The figure moves onto Ari and repeats the process.

I hope this works.



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