Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Metal Case Closed V2

I'll Never Know the Truth

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 160812

We move deeper into the bowels of the superstructure. Massive extraction vents line the corridors spewing scalding hot steam, poor Ari gets caught in a blast and the area is filled with vapour as well as the smell of wet dogs.

A blast door opens in front of me revealing an Astromech, it begins bleeping erratically, puzzled I move in for a closer look and then it explodes right in my face. Shrapnel pelts my armour and I’m blown of my feet. I really hate this place and I hate not having my blaster. Never again.
I rest in the corridor and catch my breath while Vrinko and Ari head to the upper level. Moments later I am summoned to examine a control panel, sounds like Vrinko may have found a way to shut the vents down. I wearily climb the stairs and check it out. There is indeed a computer panel and I shut down the extraction system for a few hours. What Vrinko failed to mention was the back room up here where I find an expensive looking diagnostic tool. I do love my tools – it’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed with this crew so long.

We move further into the station and reach another blast door. I suggest caution, it would be nice to catch our enemy by surprise for once, however the woolly idiot wrenches open the door and the screeching protest of metal grinding on metal echoes through the corridor. Nice work idiot.

It opens into a wide room and right in the middle strapped down on some strange kind of examination table is Areena Tana and she looks in bad shape, I see multiple injuries. At the far side of the room a ramshackle looking droid operates a console and a series of droid recharge stations are placed along the walls. Ari steps into the room as a massive metal fists swings at him narrowly missing. A huge power-loader droid steps into view.

Hmm this won’t be easy.

No blaster, no vibro blade. What am I to do?
I slide forward under Ari’s legs and sprint for the ramshackle droid. I’m guessing he’s trying to power up more allies. I must stop him. Let’s hope my bravery pays off, I am tired of feeling helpless, I buried those emotions a long time ago. I get close the droid and it spins around, impossibly fast, striking my chest. I somehow manage to stay on my feet. On close inspection the droid is not so weak. I spot heavy armour plating built onto its chassis and head.


This was a mistake.

Wait a minute…I recognise the droid!

It’s the very same one I saw when we arrived at the first murder scene. It was part of the cleaning crew. What is going off? I really need to examine it. We must avoid destroying it.
Behind me I hear the sounds of battle; Tyr blasting everywhere, the mighty below of Ari, the deadly low hum of Vrinko’s ligthsaber followed by explosions and the heavy impact of metal clattering to the ground.

I duck for cover as I hear incoming fire from behind me as I pop back up the droid takes a massive swing and strikes my head, by some miracle my armour deflects the blow. The droid screeches in anger and then pulls out a control device and hits a button.

Ohhhh noooooo.

Arena is not on an examination table. It’s a laser cutting deck. Five deadly beams buzz into life and begin moving towards here. It’s a matter of seconds before she’s sliced. Much to my surprise and the droids I leap forward and snatch the device from its hand and then roll across the room. Ducking laser fire I manage to get away. I switch off the lasers and undo Arena straps.

Only the droid remains and Vrinko and Ari are trying their best to bring the damn thing down. Its armour plating is very effective. I move around the table to help only to take a hit in the leg. I can feel blood freely flowing down my thigh and limp away. Stupid Manco, stupid. And it’s at this very point I see Tyr turn and flee. We are in the middle of a battle against a powerful enemy and he runs!

Coward. Not to be outdone, seconds later Vrinko picks up Arena and also runs off, leaving a wounded unarmed Jawa and Ari to battle the seemingly un-killable droid. I cannot believe this. I have never seen such cowardice. If I’d had my blaster I would’ve put a round into their backs. I’m disgusted and I don’t know if I can trust them anymore. Vrinko’s always been a fishy one, but Tyr? Who leaves in the middle of a battle?

I sigh, I don’t know if I can or want to do this crap anymore. It would have been useful to take the droid down and find out why it was killing so many people. Hmmmmmmmm why not just give into the inevitable. I yell for Ari to get the droid onto the table. Ari grabs and hip tosses the droid slamming him down. I give it one last chance and command it to surrender, but all it does is hurl curses at me.

As you wish. I press the button and the lasers activate. Ari holds the droid in place as it screams and struggles The beams slice the murderous wretch in too and I watch the life go out of its glowing amber eyes.

I guess I will never know the why…



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