Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Mind of the Beast

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010825

My return to Leveth was punctuated by the fortress of the intruder exploding in a giant ball of fire.

She seemed pleased.

We started to negotiate the terms of my reward.

I would gain the ability to control the ship. An entire Capital ship would be mine!
I would keep my free will and be able to leave the ship when I wanted.
She said that she would also be able to train me further in the Force.

All I would need to do would be to act as her host.

I thought of my master as he slipped into madness on Coruscant.
I thought of the Witch as he lived in his own filth, not even remembering who he was.
I thought of the Jedi intruder, fighting a hopeless battle, without reason, also not remembering his past.

Far better to spend what time I had left, gaining what power I could.

I agreed to Leveth’s offer and accepted her into my mind.

I felt some pain, but was filled with strong emotions and a sense of… power.

I suddenly found myself back in the crystal room. Talking to Leveth in my mind I sat on the control chair and was able to feel the expanse of the ship and how I could control it.
Leveth told me that the first thing I had to do, before we could start getting the ship back online was to do with the Witch. I had to deal with him.

I contacted my former crewmates and they were able to locate the Witch’s life signs. I talked briefly with Leveth and she shut all the bulkhead doors between their position and where the Witch was, and she opened all the ones for me. With a last warning to the Gambit crew that the Witch has gone mad and was trying to destroy the ship, I made my way to his position.

Found myself in a darkened barracks room, the Witch huddled in a corner, crying.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, the glimmers of sanity had faded and he was a mad man again. I moved towards him, trying to calm him down when he started yelling at me. He levitated one of the steel bunks in the room and hurled it at me, I dodged aside and ignite my lightsabre, just in time to see him pick up a broken metal strut and start swinging at me.
I parried and he attacked me blind with rage, I hesitated for the briefest of instants before sweeping my light sabre across him.

As the light faded from his eyes I had another vision.
The witch as a young man boarded the Leviathan with his commando team.
They fought their way to the bridge where he faced the dark robed figure in the crystal room and there he found something he wasn’t expecting.

Was the intruder in the crystal part of the Witch’s mind, left behind to fight Leveth?

I’ll never know his story.

As he passed I felt a wave of cold anger surge through me, leaving me with a dark emptiness inside.

I quickly leaned forward and grabbed the crystal shard from within his robe as the Gambit crew arrived. I explained that he attacked me and that there was nothing I could do. Ari seemed to sense something, but shook his head and Manco looked at me askance, but let it lie.

It was time to go.

I told the crew that there was something I had to pick up and that I would meet them on the Gambit. While back at the control room I told Leveth to move the ship, and she assured me that she could contact me through the crystal as required.

I took one last look around the ship…my ship… and took my leave.



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