Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Missing Persons V1

Port a manco

EyeUser: Manco
Log Entry: 011210

The remaining crew wake in the morning. Strange, it seems that Drohn has not returned. Perhaps he stayed out drinking or to coin the human phrase, ‘got lucky.’ I’m a little concerned.

Checking the datapad provided by Chessel reveals he wants another live creature, this time something called a M’onnok. We devise he could be attempting to construct a real life Dejarik board.

We head down to the Kessel’s Run bar. It’s unusually quite and there’s no sign of Drohn. I know there are other bars around The Eye, but this is odd, something is amiss. Tyr says Drohn is a merc and probably does this all the time. I am unconvinced and think something bad has happened. Just when I start to find a new family one of them disappears.

Leaving that for now we went to see Hagan. He’s not there, but his assistant, Lith informs us that a M’onnok is native to the planet Socorro. Lith also recommends a geologist called Aedo who can examine our blue crystals taken from the ice caves on Hoth.

Heading to the Aedo’s Minerals we discover he’s a Kitonak. He has a modest looking store with archaic shelving full of strange materials. When we approach he’s pottering around with some light green crystals running a cutting laser over them He motions for us to wait and spends another two minutes carefully cutting the crystal and then looks up. Tyr hands him the blue crystals which Aedo places on a green cloth, he takes a sniff and then steps back. After five or so minutes of further examination he asks. “Do you have any idea of what you have?”
Clearly we do not.

Apparently it’s some kind of spice, moderately illegal.
When I enquired as to where I could sell it, he recommended I leave and go visit a clown school. Aren’t we all big and clever with our rubbish outdated store. Stick your damn crystals- mouldy potato head.

Tyr and I believe we could make some profit by selling the crystals. I’m desperate to begin completely stripping down and rebuilding the ship to my glorious vision. Vrinko wants nothing to do with it. Well that’s fine, I just bumped the custom-built private-quarter’s humidifier I was drawing schematics up for him off the list. Tyr gets his vibrating pilot’s chair with warp speed setting, that’s a given.

I managed to convince the crew it’s time we reported Drohn missing. We filed a report at the chapter house, but there’s little they can do. The cleaners remember seeing Drohn the day before, but that’s all. As he had the docket I had to pay a small sum to collect the Wampa rug. As I used my personal funds it belongs to me now. Well at least the man at the store likes me.

There’s not much else to do so we head back to our quarters. Later that evening a message came in over the network outlining a new job. Investigation/Salvage and Rescue for one Ikor Tech®. Their representative, Jnor Jnor wants to meet tonight.

Port veedo We go down to the Kambrian Nights to see what he has to say. It’s a Rodian tea house run by Veedo; with lush furnishings and conveniently muffled acoustics. Jnor Jnor is an Ithorian, wearing billowing green robes and a gold chain around his neck. We are told Ikor Tech® go from planet to planet harvesting botanic samples for cultivation. One of their field researchers; Yhay Halann has not been heard from in six weeks and they’re worried. Our crew’s recent performances led Ikor Tech® to believe we are suitable for the job. Of course we are!

The job is to return Yhay, along with and data he has found. It’s a 7 day trek there and back, located on the moon Torg. It pays 3k for the data and 1k for Yhay Halann… or 500 for his remains. I did try to get more, however, I failed. I’m miserable over Drohn’s disappearance and not thinking straight at the moment.

Information on Torg; it’s covered in ‘megaflora’. Basically that means giant sized plants. As if they were not big enough already! The climate is also wet, I hate the place already.

We decided to hire a land speeder for the trip. Agghhhhhhhh! What will these humans try to pass off as ‘in working order’ astounds me. I love watching their eyes narrow when a Jawa looks their shoddy merchandise over. Anyway I got a great deal on a speeder that’s in reasonable condition.

We boarded the ship and left The Eye. Looking back as the space station disappears from view, I wonder if we will lose any more of our crew. I guess Drohn has gone for good. I fear the worst. I feel somewhat disheartened and cannot help but think of my own family. I think I will retire to my private quarters and drink. I don’t feel like writing any more.



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