Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Missing Persons V2

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 011210 02

I’m beginning to think this tramp freighter game is not the best way to avoid my final jump. First we’re nearly eaten by a real life dejarik piece and now Drohn, our merc gunner and one tough nut, has disappeared.

Anyway, we can’t afford to wait for that sith-spawned moron to come back from whatever barrel of happy juice he’s found. Credits don’t make themselves. A quick check of our datatpad and true to his word the Twi’lek, Chessel Bard, has given us the name of some livestock he’s looking for – something called a “M’onnok”.

Going dirtside on Hoth netted us plenty of potential cargo so we paid a visit to Hagan but only his assistant, Lith was in and referred us to a minerals expert, Aedo. Well that messy Katonik had some news, we’ve found ourselves a haul of spice. Whilst our fishy thief finally found a conscience, Manco and I agreed those co-ordinates might be worth something.

A visit to the cleaners to recover Dronn’s wampa rug gave us no clue to his disappearance. I’m beginning to think he’s spaced it. We did find out the good people of The Eye are not easily threatened.

A new job has arrived. An Ithorian named Jnor Jnor from an R&D outfit called Ikor, wants to meet at Kambrian Knights to discuss a salvage & rescue job. It appears our recent successes have paid off. Another ithorian, Yhay Halann, and his bodyguard are six weeks missing on a moon named Torg. An easy 3000C to get there and back in 7 days with 1000C bonus for Yhay’s research data and 1000C for the hammerhead himself, half if he’s blasted.

We hire a landspeeder and raise ship. Damned if I didn’t give her the gun; we made it there in record time. Maybe this bird and I should be making the Kessel Run. A quick scan nearly shorted the ship but we found the co-ordinates after some fine tuning. The ride down was so rough we borked it and nearly hit the dirt upside down. An epic save planted us without a scratch. Clearly she needs more work before she’s ready to make the run.



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