Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Offloading Ill-Gotten Gains


Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 260712

Port kyfer We are onboard the Gambit heading back to the eye.
Ari reports that Kyfer kept asking for spice. He got the feeling he was about to hit him. I don’t trust Keifer one bit and I suspect he had something to do with his brother’s death. He’s certainly squeezing his girlfriend and keeping her laced with drugs. I want to space him and get her some much needed help.

Later, I’m in the cockpit keeping an eye on Tyr, its important he thinks he’s in charge, but I like to make sure he does not touch anything he’s not supposed to. Kyfer walks in demanding money, well Urgle’s share of the cargo. Tyr tells him he must wait. This does not go down well and Kyfer gets agitated. Once again I slide my finger over my blast trigger. Take one more step and you’re bantha fodder. Keifer eventually gives up and storms out.

We should never have picked him up. Annoyed I head to my quarters and take my mind of things by cleaning Vrinko’s suit. I finish just as the Eye finally looms into view and we dock. Kyfer drags the comatose, drug-addled Wispe from their quarters and leaves.

Good riddance.

We spend the next few days selling our cargo to the various stores around the station. Practice sure makes perfect – I believe I’ve got better at bartering and I manage to get us more credits. I was right about the Mynar gas, it is indeed valuable and Smith promises to find a buyer for us for a small cut of the profit. The Neural Collars, much to our disappointment, are pretty much outlawed everywhere and carrying them is dangerous. Tyr should have known this from working with the Imps. I suspect his role was smaller than he makes out. Perhaps he was a cleaner or a fresher repairman.

Who knows with him?

Port hanna grigg We sell most of our cargo and are waiting on several stores getting back, but we roughly made about 15k. Not too shabby. At the end of the day we call Hanna, maybe she’s interested in some blaster rifles. We agree to meet at the Morning Wamp Rat, grab a bite and discuss business. Hanna is happy to buy the rifles, but more interestingly she has a job for us. An associate of hers is an Imperial Officer who wants out. All we have to do is collect him. I don’t like dealing with imps, but Hanna is good people, so I’m willing to help her.

I tell her about our outing on Russan and show her the video feeds of me getting stung by a horde of wasps. Much to everyone’s surprise the usually stoic Hanna burst out laughing. Ahhh the Jawa can always get a laugh or two.

We say goodbye and head back to our quarters and I doze off thinking about ship upgrades.



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