Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Payback's a Bitch

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 200112

Garrus Lent where are you?
Time to hunt him down and put a bullet through his head. I hack into a public terminal searching the planetary directory. My suspicions are correct and he’s somewhere on Tatooine, but I need more info. A day or two of asking around and I hear of a farm at the outskirts of Mos Esper run by retired officer. I also discover the farm is in Imp territory and all ships are required to turn back upon entering. Now that is interesting…very interesting.
I remember an old trader that lived out that way, maybe he knows Garrus. We all head out on the speeder to scope the area out, I feel safer with everyone with me. It’s another hot dusty day as we fly out over the dunes. Let’s hope my memory of the trading post is correct. After a few hours we reach a ramshackle home of abandoned star ships, speeders and all kinds of junk. This must be it.
A heavyset Bith emerges from and old transport and greets us, names Lacelle. I guess he doesn’t get too many visitors out here. We discuss business for a bit posing as traders. I ask about the Imp office and the Lacelle tells us he’s very private, keeps to himself and has a live in maid, a tough old women who gets hits supplies, he also has a penchant for spiced wine. Lacelle pulls out a holomap and shows us a rough location.
We head back to town and devise a plan to pose as traders specialising in spiced wine. I hire and transporter to put random goods on and buy an bottle of expensive wine as well as some cheap bottles of bantha urine. In the morning we load up the speeders and head out. First we swing by Lacelle place to sell off the equipment we lifted from Legion. Then we head out to the farm.
As it nears I can feel my heart beating faster, my hands are twitching and I have tightly grip the speed handrail to stop them. We approach the fame, a dwelling half-buried in the ground with a few rundown buildings scattered around. As we pull up, a wizened, old hag with grey hair and worn clothes hobbles out of the door.
We try to sell off the wine and she takes a good look at the good bottle and then demands to see more. My game is off today and I can only come up with a lame excuse of ’that’s all we brought.’ She’s either not interested or suspects something’s afoot and orders us to leave. Tyr pulls out his blaster and threatens her, but she just ignores him. I demand to see Garrus and she tells me the only way in is to drop everything at the door.
Damn…other than shooting her, which I kind of want to do I have little choice. I drop my weapons and don’t like it. She motions for me to follow. With one last look that I hope will not be my last I nod to my crewmates and head inside. I turn on my comms so everyone can listen in. We pass through a kitchen and then another room full of artefacts and trophies, animal skulls line the wall. Pffft…they are nothing compared to what’s on the Gambit. I follow her up a flight of stairs where she points down a corridor and then leaves me. I take a deep breath and walk down into a darkened study. Bookshelfs line the walls, upon a desk lay scattered several maps and a holdout blaster and various computer screens are filled with scrolling text illuminating a chair. A chair that spins around as I enter.

A grey haired human, elderly, but still fit, with sun burned skin, stained teeth and alter eyes stares at me. That’s him, that’s the face I will never forget.
I also know that only one of us will leave this room alive.
He says “he’s been expected me.”
“Yeah, well I’ve been looking for you a long time and you’re going to answer for what you did and you’re not going to be around for much longer.”
He rambles on about how it was a mistake, he followed some bad intel, that led to my Sandcrawler and it was imperative they secure something we had onboard. It was later he discovered they were wrong. We never had what they were looking for and were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
I don’t buy it…no I just don’t care. You cannot take it back. It’s too late, I knew when I set out on this path it would lead to one of our deaths.
I tell him “You took everything I have. Ruined my life and many others.”
He says he’s done much worse and infers that the death of my family is nothing compared to other atrocities he’s committed. That was it, that was the tipping point, the flippant way of dismissing the massacre of my family as nothing…less than nothing.
I turn off my comms. No one must hear this.
I stare him down. “This is for my daughter, my son and…my husband.”
Like lightning, I snatch the hold-out blaster off the table, aim and shoot firing a blaster bolt straight through his eye. He falls from the chair and lays crumpled on the ground twitching. I spit and then looking at his brains leaking out of the back of his skill, I glance down at the holdout blaster in my hand, suddenly wondering why Tyr is so useless when he fires it.
With a shake of my head and a shrug, I head out. The old hag comes rushing into the room and begins wailing and throwing books at me, I deftly dodge to one side and say.
“He had it coming…paybacks a bitch.”
I turn the comms back on and walk out into the hot sun.



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