Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

More Reasons to Drink...

Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 030311

I was woken by a disturbance in the Force.

I quickly let Tyr know that I’m going to check something out and left the apartment.

Port witch
It was the Witch. That crazy old wizard from the Hive. He walked away from me and stood in the Turbo Lift, waiting. I followed him silently and we went down to the lower levels of the station and through the Hive to his home. Climbing up the net and passing through the maintenance tube to his room he sat down and waited.

He remembered me, and didn’t. His mind wandered in and out of focus. I treated him like a spooked tauntaun, talked calmly and showed him I was here to help.

I calmed myself, reached out to his thoughts, and got a sense of confusion, pain and missing time. I mentioned the crystal he looked into last time, and although he got worried I reassured him that I wouldn’t touch it. He made me turn around and got it from a secret hiding place. He started looking into it again and it seemed to calm him down. I reached out my senses again, though this time I put my hand on his shoulder to strengthen the contact.

I got a sense of a dark presence, in the black void. That we stood at a crossroads and of a shared destiny.

None of this sounded good.

I sat down next to him, calmed myself and looked into the crystal as well. I felt a deep stillness.

When I awoke, the Witch and the crystal were gone, and I was feeling empowered by the force, though a little hungry. I searched for the compartment where he hid the crystal. Found it and paused.

I decided to leave the crystal alone and leave his home. I don’t steal from crazy people. Well unless they’re rich crazy people.

I return to the apartment to find that a full day has passed and that the Gambit crew had left while I was meditating. I consulted my Holocron and discovered that the crystal had given me the power of Emptiness while I looked into it. It seemed a powerful, yet dangerous technique.

I looked at myself in the room’s mirror and sighed.

Is this what is to become of me? Do all practitioners of the Force become mad old men like my teacher Norcuna and the Witch? Is that the price to the power it offered?

I head off to the Kessel’s Run.
I really needed a drink.



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