Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Revenge is a Blue Milk Best Served Cold V1

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 260112

How am I going to get the crew out of the clutches of Madame Korash? The crew just don’t see the dangers of dealing with someone of her power. We’ll be used up and spat out like a Kessel miner within a galactic month. I need a plan and it has to be kept secret from my loyal crew.

After the disasterous mission to Relik it was clear we needed something to climb with. Vrinko was a little too wet behind the ears for us to rely on his witchery. Manco and I headed off to Smitt & Wasan’s to see if we can pick up a verti-line and sundry destructive weaponry. As we head out to the firing range there before us was one of the Twi’lek who had ambushed us and stolen the unknown item on Relik. Specifically it was the red Twi’lek who had happily rained stun bolts on the crew from the balcony. In what has become the norm for the Gambit’s crew, when faced with one of our many enemies my crew immediately attempt to seduce them. Despite the Twi’lek uttering a word of basic to us, Manco happily test fires her custom repeating blaster rifle – the same weapon that was only weeks ago neutralising his nervous system. As she made to leave without passing on her name I commented to Manco that we should name her stumpy after her one blaster-shortened head tail. That did prompt a reaction and whilst my preternatural reflexes allowed me to anticipate the blow, my trick shoulder jammed again. She departed before I was able to gather myself from the deck and draw my hold-out. I should have brought the wookie with me.

Following the altercation, Manco and I started searching for information on the Bloody Tusks. Our investigation took us to a bounty hunter dive named The Sell Sword. We struck unexpected luck when we found, huddled in one of the booths under a silence device, Manco’s old Ubese friends conversing with what could very well have been Arribacca’s nemesis, Black Claw. As I headed over to the barkeep for information a plot began to form in my mind. Over a quiet Blue Milk the barkeep confirmed for me that Rahn & Renkoo were just the merciless sith-spawned bounty hunters I needed. As I was considering how to best approach them without tipping off Manco, he excitedly approached jabbering about how he had attached the droid caller stolen from Rahn when we first met to the belt of a particularly nasty looking human mercenary.

While discussing Manco’s antics the shadowy figure meeting with the Ubese had departed and my opportunity to approach them had arisen. Like all hard-nosed cut throats they were full of bravado and didn’t blink (or so I believed under their masks) when I explained that I would need their services in the future to take down a high profile target. Without mentioning the credits required it was clear their services were going to cost far more credits than I had available. I’m going to need to draw on my old skills to get us out of this situation. I did not want to make Manco suspicious with long discussion and so made to leave with promises of further contact soon. Renkoo offered the sage advice that they were not to be trifled with, unfortunately for them they have mistaken my slight physique for someone unaccustomed to dealing with bounty hunter scum. I awkwardly mention sighting Rahn’s droid caller on the human merc, the overwhelming visual evidence covering any uncertainty as to why I would know the item was his. As droid security guards rush forward to stop the brawling Ubese and humans, Manco and I slipped out the rear of the Sell Sword. Madame Khorash didn’t realise who she was dealing with.



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