Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Roast Pigs

2 Jawas walk into a bar...

Port a manco
EyeUser: manco
Log Entry: 25-11-12

Tyr scans the planetoid locating an opening. I yell for him to ‘punch it’ and he takes us in fast. Inside, the tunnel is illuminated in eerie green light. We fly deeper, entering an open chamber littered with large floating rocks. Tyr expertly banks the Gambit around the giant rubble and takes us into another tunnel on the far side.

Seconds later, the sensors sound a warning. We have two fighters on our tail. Laser fire flies past the cockpit shattering into the rocky walls. I hear Ari and Vrinko fire back as Tyr guns the engine. Lets see how good a pilot these Space Pigs are.

We fly into another open area filled with stalactites and stalagmites, not breaking sweat; Tyr deftly slides the Gambit in and out like a deadly slalom around the immovable rock. Before I can congratulate him the ship is violently rocked as laser fire slams into her. Warning lights blink on and off and I quickly scan for damage. The ship shudders again. Looks like one of the manoeuvring thrusters has shorted. In the confines of narrow tunnels this is bad.

“Tyr what have you done to my ship?”

I race off to engineering and start ripping access panels off to locate the damaged circuits. Looks like a bunch of cables got fried. I quickly run a bypass and hear the engines kick back online. I dash back to the cockpit as we enter the core. There before us I see a massive drill bit embedded into the rock. Huge, glowing, anchored power conduits are drawing in power and routing it through the space station.

This is what we came for.

Tyr takes us in closer and lines up a torpedo shot. At that moment another Space Pig Vessel streaks out, spinning out of control across our bow and smashing in the cavern wall. Without a second to lose Tyr, launches the torpedo. It’s a perfect shot slamming into the main power conduit. There is a huge blue flash and a series of explosions.

Get us out of here. Now!

Tyr does a rapid scan and detects a natural vent leading outside. He takes the Gambit in and guns the engines. As we exit the vent an explosion of blue flame burst out behind us buffeting the ship and engulfing a Space Pig fighter.

Before us I see our allies mopping up the decimated Space Pigs. Their forces are decimated. The flagships is listing to port and half of its aflame.

Another explosions rocks the Gambit, I look over and see the entire space station erupt in a ball of red and blue flame. I hear a great disturbance as if hundreds of Space Pigs suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Something great just happened. My thoughts are interrupted as the lead flagship patches in and orders everyone home. We are victorious.
Back on the Eye we arrive to a heroes welcome. Arena Tarna jostles through the crowd to grab the first interview. Tyr provides an epic tail of our skills and I mention the design of the Squealer, the very device that led us to the Space Pigs.

For the next three days we are invited to party after party, dinning and drinking at the finest places. I do my best to mention how without Galuts help this would not have been possible. Hopefully that helps him get his much-dissevered role as head of the Space Guild. There’s even a part at Jenziers and we discuss how we can get the Sqeauler into full production.

I’m sitting by myself taking a break when I am approached by two Jawa’s, this is a surprise I have not seen any of my folk since I left Tatooine and it’s a welcome sight. They look apprehensive, but I wave them over and order more drinks.

It seems my reputation proceeds me, they both know me by name, introducing themselves as Baran and Toll, merchant leaders from Tatooine. I am most happy to see my Kin and begin asking what’s it like back home.

My happiness immediately turns to worry and again as I hear about a series of violent attacks on Sandcrawlers where entire clans have been slain. 3 Sandcrawlers in 2 months, fast over night strikes leaving no survivors. My blood runs cold as I think of my past. This cannot be mere coincidence.

The Jawas are asking for help and I know I want nothing more than to get to the bottom of this. I call Tyr and ask him to meet us down here. I hope he will help, but even if he doesn’t I’ve already made up my mind to leave the very next day.

Minutes later Tyr arrives and after discussing payment, he agrees to help. I’d have done it for free, but I understand where he’s coming from as the ship has running costs.

That night, I sit in the engine bay with the lights off and begin scouring my deep supressed memories for any clue I missed when my sandcrawler was attacked.



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