Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

Some old friends

Port a drohn
Guest EyeUser: Drohn Kolgar
Log Entry: 010713

The mission on Tatooine was simple enough – fly in surprise some imps, rescue some prisoners, and fly back out… if only things were that easy.


Dropping in we surprised the guards and secured the prisoners, without breaking a sweat. It was the flight out where things got hairier than a wookie. Turns out there was an anti-air turret that intelligence forgot to mention, and it winged both our ships on the way out leaving the ship with the fugitives in it spiralling west into the desert, while ours hurtled into the ground north of Mos Eisley. I came to lying in the desert, just clear of the blasted wreck of the ship. As I stumbled back into Mos Eisley I gave a long hard thought to calling it quits and grabbing the nearest ship out of there.

I’ve done some crazy things since Ishra “convinced” me to rejoin the Black Spiral. I mean given the choice between that and an airlock, this time without the suit, it was a pretty easy choice, but I never thought I’d see myself risking my neck for rebels. But Ishra had taken me back and I owed it to her to at least try. Asking around it was pretty clear the Imps hadn’t found the other ship yet but I wouldn’t have long, and I was making my way past the spaceport when I saw the familiar ship of the Gambit Crew and knew my luck had changed.

Turns out the group wasn’t around at the time, but it also turns out they forgot to change the access codes to the ship… rookie mistake. Figured I’d make myself at home while I waited for them to return, and I had to admire the trophies they’d acquired for the lounge in addition to my wampa rug, probably still had my vibro-machete from when the Black Spiral picked me up on the Eye.

Boy were they surprised to see me sitting in their cosy little ship, and that crazy little jawa with the big gun, Manco, looked particularly uneasy when I asked him where my machete was. They’d picked up a pet wookie somewhere and I wasn’t what he was wuffing about but he didn’t seem happy; luckily the others talked him down before things got messy. Knowing this lot, I got straight down to business and explained the predicament – I needed their help to find the other ship and recover any survivors. Straight away fish-eyes starts telling me their services aren’t free, but their eyes light up when I mention 5000 credits are on the table. Tyr is quiet while Manco wastes no time trying to shake me down for more asking for 5500. I quickly agree to the deal before they realise their mistake – Ishra will be happy when I come back with the other half of the expenses.

We made our way down to a speeder trader they were familar with and rustled up two vehicles, a small sleek speeder with room for 4, and a larger closed transport for bringing back any survivors. Manco immediately attempts to jury rig an e-web heavy repeater to the back of the speeder, although in his rush we end up with a hole in the bottom of the speeder – hopefully the trader won’t notice when we return it.

We gun it out into the desert with Tyr, Manco, and myself aboard the light speeder while Vrinko and the wookie Arribacca take the transport. As we approach the crash site, Tyr gets a read on some lifeforms so Vrinko decides to loop the transport out wide and come from the flank while the rest of us head straight for the wreckage. We appear over the top of the ridge into a large bowl-like crater to discover the imps had almost beaten us to it, with two squads of five storm troopers with an officer each bearing down on the crash. Following closely behind the storm troopers was their commander and another trooper riding some overgrown lizard (a dewback?). The downed ship looked to be precariously balanced on the edge of a large pit.

Manco leapt onto the e-web and hosed down the commander at long range, knocking him to the ground. As we pulled up to the crash I leapt to the sand bearing a missile launcher the Gambit crew had brought along, taking cover behind the nose of the ship. The storm troopers unleashed a barrage at me but it mostly caught the ship, causing it to shift in the sand and edge further into the pit. Tyr had pulled up leaving Manco without a line of sight to the troopers, however I had a clear shot of the dewback with the missile launcher. I managed to hit it dead on causing it to collapse to the sand.

Arribacca and Vrinko came up on the other side of the pit, opposite the wreckage, and I was surprised to see one of the survivors float over the pit and into the waiting transport as Vrinko leaned out the side with a look of concentration on his face. Manco fired on the other squad of troopers that had appeared around the far side of the ship. I took careful aim with my blaster rifle and took out one of the approaching troopers.

Just as things started to swing in our favour, an AT-ST clunked its way over the ridge opposite and opened fire causing the sand to explode nearby. Arribacca cautiously edged their transport around the pit and into cover behind the wreckage. I started to swing the launcher to my shoulder again I felt a rush as the smaller speeder shot out in an arc around the storm troopers and towards the walker.

Tyr and Manco sped past the front of the AT-ST and moments later it was rocked by a considerable explosion that could only have been a thermal detonator. Even the storm troopers out front were clipped by the blast, and I imagine there was not much left of the commander nearby that Manco had shot earlier. You have to give it to Manco, he doesn’t mess around!

The second squad didn’t appear too troubled and opened fire on the transport, shattering one of the drivers windows but appearing to leave Arribacca unharmed. There was an almighty shudder in the downed ship and suddenly it slid upwards and away from the edge of the pit (I later learned this was done by Vrinko, though I don’t know how or where he got the power to do something crazy like that). As the AT-ST teetered from the explosion I fired the remaining missile straight into it, causing it to explode and crumple to the ground.

Arribacca and Vrinko pulled the remaining survivors aboard their ship then pulled away as Tyr looped back around to my position. A large tentacle snaked out of the pit and attempted to grab me by my leg but I slapped it aside. I didn’t want to wait around and find out what beast occupied the pit so I jumped aboard the speeder as it came around. We hightailed it behind the transport back into town, leaving the remaining storm troopers in the desert.



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