Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The Black Claw

Port a arribacca
EyeUser: Arribacca
Log Entry: 030211

This is my account of the events on Torg before meeting The Gambit Crew.

Npc black claw

For six months I had been assisting an eccentric Ithorian by the name of Yhay Halann with his duties as a field researcher for Ikor Corporation; which seeks out, studies and collects horticultural specimens. Though officially his assistant and sometime bodyguard, we shared a mutual respect if not friendship.

We had been on Torg, an unexplored, flora rich moon for two months. Despite being a man of words and science, Yhay is a surprisingly adept survivalist and explorer and we quickly established a base camp to begin our research; charting, cataloguing and mapping of the local area.

The planet is awe inspiring. The forest canopy is low but the vegetation is seemingly disproportionate, fallen leaves like great sheets of canvas on the ground, fungus like great piles of boulders, giant bushes as big as domestic dwellings. The land is undulating without any ranges in sight and the environment is repressively humid. It’s most unique features are great steam vents; I have only seen one up close but they are 10 meters wide sending steaming vents of hot water into the atmosphere.

But… We were not alone. One afternoon we had unwelcome visitors; a team of Stormtroopers led by a vile, red-necked officer by the name of Rane. They tore apart our camp until Yhay enraged, attacked them, they stunned him before I could intervene and soon I was fighting hand and foot against three enemies, I downed two but shortly found myself fallen under a hail of stun blasts.

I awoke in a duracrete cell. I heard Yhay being roughly escorted away and tried to break free but the door was solid. I could hear the guards discussing someone’s arrive when the cell doors opened to reveal the same imperial officer and two guards.

I sit up quickly, startling the officer who forgets himself and backs out again, but he is blocked… A giant, charcoal black Wookie enters… Two bandoleers, a modified twin bowcaster pistol and a metal gauntlet covering his right hand. A broad jagged scar runs down his. In stark contrast a mouse droid enters behind him. Was I saved or in more trouble…
I greet him but to my disgust he brandishes his claws against my throat and orders me be still. He looks me over like livestock and begins negotiating a price… his name is Black Claw and I am worth 5 thousand credits…

As Black Claw leaves I take what might be my only chance; I attack the guards… I down one as an alarm sounds through the installation declaring ‘intruders’ (what now?!) I face down the officer; Rane, and tear his arm off. The last guard flees and there is no sign of the great Wookie…



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