Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The Dark Side of the Galaxy

Port a tyr
EyeUser: Tyr Solaris
Log Entry: 310112

Port-NPC-Witch.jpg Well this was to be a first. I was about to let Vrinko and his adopted grandfather set hyperspace co-ordinates based on them entering some sort of mystic trance and finding the location of some unknown salvage. At least when Arri enters a fugue state we can put it down to excessive Spice use. In any case we’d done well out of our last few missions and could afford one poor return to keep our fishy friend happy.

We jump into unknown space, far beyond where anyone would normally travel. We arrive in what can only be described as a blank void. No stars can be seen, as if we had jumped straight into the mount of a giant cave. The sensors read little more than a hissing white noise, something was actively blocking the systems. By triangulating the readings from multiple scans we were able to narrow down a vague direction and headed off to find something quite unexpected.

A capital ship loomed out of the darkness. It was like nothing I had seen in my time at the Imperial shipyards. Black, insectoid and covered in bulbous plating, it was obviously some sort of advanced alien stealth technology. Scans of its surface gave few readings away and it took several passes to even locate an external access point.
Manco doned the flitter vacuum suit and headed out to slice the access panel. While the door jammed there was enough of a gap to fly into a derelict landing bay. Corpses and damaged equipment floated listlessly in the bay, disturbed by the slightest change in atmosphere from the opening of the door. It had been a long time since anyone had visited. The hangar held two old tech ships, a fighter and some form of heavily damaged transport.

Manco again headed out to see whether he could activate some of the primary power systems and restore atmosphere and gravity to the ship. Scans inside the ship were far clearer and indicate no life or atmosphere inside. Despite an accidental embrace from a dead spacer which triggered hilarious rocketpack evasive maneuvers, Manco quickly restored both atmosphere and gravity. The gravity might have been a mistake, hurling dessicated corpses ten metres into plasteel doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

Journals_ZomRep.jpg I send out our new R2 unit to check on the status of the ships. I must remember to think up a new name for his orange dome. The transport is damaged beyond repair however the fighter can be recovered after a few hours on the portable generator. Once we were on the ground it was clear that some action had gone on. The transport was covered in blaster scoring and most of the corpses were dressed in some form of body armour with old style republic symbols. Sundry old school blasters were loaded into the cargo hold and we set off with some salvaged spacer suits just in case the atmosphere failed.

The inside of the ship seems partially complete, as though all of the usual living quarters and secondary systems were missing. The blastdoors were all inactive though some Wookie muscle helped us ahead. The scomplinks all seemed down and it was only when we found what seemed to be a data room that we were able to get our bearings. Corpses with blaster wounds were scattered through the ship and while the data room had several stacked against the door as if trying to get out. It was definitely a creepy ship, Vrinko seemed spaced out as if focussing on something out of view, the old man was more erratic than ever and even Arri had his hackles up. The scans continued to reveal no signs of life so we headed further on towards the bridge and what appeared to be a secondary power core.

As we headed down the final passge the old man shouted “it’s here” and ran off into the bridge. Vrinko seems stunned by the outburst so I shove him ahead, we don’t want to have the lunatic damage anything valuable. Vrinko asks for a scan for life and once again nothing comes up, this ship holds only the dead and a ragtag tramp freighter crew. Even though Vrinko is on edge and we ready weapons, we could always meet more homicidal droids.

The bridge is not usual. The ring of consoles are inactive and the corpses of the bridge crew are scattered across the room. A central staircase lead to the upper and lower floors. As the old man rushes downstiars hysterically with Vrinko behind him we head upstairs to try and restore primary power and see if we can pull any details on what exactely we were dealing with. Manco restored power to the systems room with R2’s help and pulled a full layout and system specs. The ship didn’t appear to have a name though he was able to trace a code number that we could cross reference once we got back to the Eye. Unusually the ship had two concurrent primary power systems though both were inactive and would require a manual start. It looked like Vrinko was headed towards the second system.

I’ve taken a moment to post this log to keep a copy of the system specs on my datapad. When we get back to the Eye the location of this ship should prove very valuable to the spacers guild, Rebels or anyone in need of a capital ship. We better head downstairs and see where Vrinko and his friend have ended up.



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