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Star Wars: Rogue Traders

The Dark Side of the Galaxy V2

Strangely Empty

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Journals_MancoGrab.jpg An interesting start to the mission; we do not actually know where we are going. Everyone is on-board the ship, and the Witch and friend Vrinko both ‘meditate’ to try and find our destination – they also decide to do this right in the middle of the cockpit with some glowing rock between them. I share some awkward looks with the rest of the crew – at one point NAN-3 walks in only to turn around and leave after a quick analysis of the situation.

Finally they emerge from their trance, and judging by the manic reaction the Witch has upon waking up, they have the co-ordinates we need. While pilot Tyr punches in the numbers, friend Vrinko takes me to the side and tells me to keep an eye out on the Witch who he says can be a bit unpredictable. I nod in agreement. Although, I am not so sure the Witch is the only one I should be keeping an eye on during this trip.

The journey is not very eventful. Our strange guest makes a bit of a mess here and there, seems like more of a threat to himself than anyone else to be honest. After about three days of travel we come out of hyperspace, I rush over to join the others in the cockpit only to see… nothing. Empty space. Pilot Tyr does a scan of the area but finds nothing, meanwhile the Witch and friend Vrinko enter another trance inside the crammed cockpit. I think I hear technician Manco sigh.

Suddenly the Witch snaps out of his trance and points eagerly into the empty space in front of us. As pilot Tyr begins to fly around, I let the crew know I will man the turret – if only to get out of this room for the time being. Friend Vrinko does so too. I get into the turret seat and my heart skips a beat as I see an enormous ship right in front of us – where did that come from? Perhaps the Witch is not as crazy as he appears. An interesting exterior design of this capital sized vessel, not like any I have seen before.

We fly around looking for an entrance, there are some closed hangar doors – but we need to manually open them from the control panel on the ship’s exterior. Technician Manco suits up and does the job, the doors do not fully extend however – the Gambit can barely clear the entrance. As great a pilot as we have, both friend Vrinko and myself decide to exit the turrets before we fly in – just in case. A dark hangar bay with floating ships and debris awaits us inside. Technician Manco once again swims through space to find a way to get power going inside this capital ship. IC4U follows him out to do some recording.

He gets a bit of a shock when a lifeless corpse bumps into him while slicing a control panel, but eventually gets the environmental and atmosphere systems turned on. Another startling moment for the whole crew as the ships and debris once floating inside the bay suddenly come crashing down as gravity takes effect. Unfazed, the Witch exits the Gambit and walks up to a door leading further into the capital ship. We grab some suits from a nearby supply room, I find a grenade which I take, and begin to make our way to the bridge room.

We come across many bodies with odd insignias, which technician Manco identifies as an old republic symbol, lying through-out the rooms of the ship. This place feels like it has been abandoned for decades. The Witch seems to be leading the way, staying ahead of the group and stopping only for locked doors. Both him and friend Vrinko seem on edge. We make it to the bridge room door and suddenly a strange sensation falls over me, I cannot describe it, a presence I feel but cannot see. Both the Witch and friend Vrinko must feel it too, because they both pause at that exact moment. Technician Manco asks openly what is going on, but no one responds. We open the door and head into the bridge room.

It looks like a pretty ordinary bridge room, circular with a staircase going up and down near the centre. The room is littered with corpses however, more than in any other room we have seen thus far. Instinctively I collect all weapons lying around and place them on our hover cart. Friend Vrinko and his strange friend head downstairs, the others head up. I hesitate – and follow the crew upstairs.

The room has more control panels than I am used to seeing, technician Manco jumps between them for a while then settles on one with a monitor nearby. He brings up detailed floor plans of the ship. Pilot Tyr thinks out loud looking for some sort of cargo hold or supply area, hoping to find something of value to loot. I feel more determined to find out what happened on this ship, its history – and those answers I would probably find through the ship captain’s logs. I note the location of the captain’s quarters on the floor plans and begin to head back down to the bridge room.

Pilot Tyr and technician Manco follow me down and as I am about to head back through the corridors to the captain’s quarters, Tyr calls out asking if we should check on friend Vrinko. I look back at the staircase and hesitate. I remember the strange sensation I felt just outside the bridge room earlier. I also remember promising friend Vrinko I would keep an eye out on the Witch – and more importantly, told myself I would watch over friend Vrinko as well. Yes. Yes we should. I lead the others down the staircase.



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