Campaign of the Month: May 2012

Star Wars: Rogue Traders


Port pc vrinko
EyeUser: Vrinko Dash
Log Entry: 010826

Journals_VrinkoWindow.jpg I looked out, gazing at the asteroids protecting the Eye. Waiting for the attack.

It has been quite a week.

After returning to the Eye after taking control of the Leviathan I started distancing myself from the rest of the Gambit Crew. I was so close now. So close to having the independence, the power, that meant I would never lack for anything again. As Ari, Manco and Tyr seemed to get distracted by the GOMA fights I set about building my assets. Gathering all the credits I could I bet on Ari. I know how good he is in a fight and was prepared to risk it all. In his first fight his odds were good, I put all 13,000 credits, everything I had on him to win. He did not disappoint.

In his second fight I let it ride, his odds were lower, but my bet was bigger. Now I had 166,000 credits. This would have been a fortune to me a year ago, but to get want I wanted I needed more.

For the last fight I kept some back, but wagered 104,000 credits on my crewmate. He won again.

With 312,000 credits to my name I left the championship and did not see the last fight, though I later learned Ari lost. I set about making the Leviathan mine.

I registered it as salvage with the traders guild. Under my name.

I hired the Privateers to look over the ship, fix what they can quickly and give me a report. It cost 55,000 credits but they got her operational again.

There was a brief interruption as Talia had a message for Tyr. Someone from his past wanted a meeting with him, though there was more to it than that. As a way of thanking the Gambit Crew I went along to keep them out of trouble one last time. I told Tyr it was my last mission and that I would be leaving the crew. He was a little suspicious and mentioned the Leviathan. I think I will have to sort this out later.

After the mission to Nar Shadda we returned to the Eye and I arranged a meeting with Tyr. I had hoped to persuade him that the salvage he claimed and all the credits that I had help him earn and had put back into his ship should be enough. He disagreed.
He wanted my ship…MY SHIP.

I would not let him take it, drawing on the force I changed his memory of the original agreement.

The salvage gained was enough.

The deal was that I would get the ship.

He was happy with the arrangement.

I felt cold as this happened as darkness washed over me.
But he would not get my ship.

I was contacted by a recruitment firm that would help me hire a crew for the Leviathan, it seemed the right thing to do. As soon as I had looked at some other options I would get a crew, get her fully supplied and take her out to work.

All this, of course was before the news.

The Empire was on its way.

They had had enough of the Eye’s independence and had given us 24 hours to evacuate. The Eye had called on all ships to fight a delaying action, apparently the Eye was fitted with a hyperdrive and could leave the sector, they just needed to extricate themselves from the asteroid field first. They just needed some time. I wasn’t interested.

Then they mentioned the rewards.

Each freighter captain would get a permanent apartment, docking rights, free repairs a nice deal all up.

Tyr volunteered the Gambit straight away.

I saw my opportunity and had a brief word with the Eye’s chief administrator.

They had no capital scale ships to help.

I could provide one.

In exchange I wanted 1% of the total revenue of the Eye. For the rest of my life.

I would be far wealthier than I could possibly imagine, and without having to risk my life on a daily basis.

They agreed, which was a measure of how desperate the situation was.
The only caveat was that the Leviathan would have to take part in the battle.

I stared out to the stars again.

Leveth was bringing the Leviathan.

I had a full crew standing by to meet her at a nearby rendezvous point.

The Imperials were almost here.

Time to get to work.



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