Tyr Solaris

Human, ex-Imperial Agent turned Tramp Freighter Captain



Strength 2D
Dexterity 3D (Dodge 4D, S-Holdout Blaster 4D+1)
Perception 4D (Investigation 5D, Search 5D, S-Hide Holdout Blaster 5D, Command 4D+1)
Knowledge 3D (Law Enforcement 4D, Planetary Systems 3D+1, Alien Species 3D+1)
Mechanical 4D (Astrogation 5D, Sensors 5D, S-Piloting YT-2400 5D+1, Repulsor Vehicles 4D+1)
Technical 2D

Fast Reaction

Enemy 2 (Imperial Intelligence)
Trick Shoulder

A slight figure who is shrouded in a large all-weather cloak over a formal flight suit. Boasts multiple scars, swept back orange hair and a clunky malfunctioning bionic arm.

Quick to react and adapt, attempts to avoid physical confrontation unless at a clear advantage, a sense of cynical comradary, will seek to avoid or remove Imperial attention.

The Traitor’s Gambit (modified YT-2400), overcharged holdout blaster, sensor pack, all-weather cloak, medpack, assorted gadgets.


An orphan from an Imperial world, Tyr grew up a loyal servant of the Empire. Operating as an auditor in various shipyards across the galaxy his attention to detail lead him to a role as an agent tracing data theft. However his loyalty was not rewarded when a series of events lead to him capturing some unknown sensitive data and a botched assassination attempt that claimed his mentor’s life and left him a physical wreck. Now he is being chased by any unknown force that wants to tie up the loose ends while he seeks to make amends for his Imperial past and carve out a piece of space for himself.


Tyr Solaris

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