Urgle Pyne

Ex-Krayt Dragon Swoop Ganger


Male, Nautolan, Ex-Krayt Dragon Swoop Ganger

Broad shouldered, compact with a confident ‘riders’ swagger.
Head tail tattoos.

Down to earth tough guy, but still a career criminal who lives the Swoop Gang ‘code’.

Gang Jacket, heavy blaster pistol and Besse (modified swoop bike.)


‘Picked up’ by The Traitor’s Gambit Crew out on Inercia after a ‘difference of opinion’ with his Sergeant at Arms over ownership of a girl called Wispe (resulting in the death of said SAA). Made it off planet with only the jacket on his back a blaster pistol and his Swoop bike.

He is now a resident of The Eye working reluctantly on the docks as a brown coat. He hopes to liberate both Wispe and his brother Kyfer (a Gang Prospect) from their current residency with the Russan chapter of The Krayt Dragons and go Nomad with them… Hopefully with the Crew’s help!

Urgle Pyne

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