Running Our Own Star Wars Rogue Traders Campaign

The Roleplaying Game

In my humble opinion, Star Wars D6 is THE Star Wars Roleplaying game. It’s a flexible, relevant, comprehensive rule set which perfectly captures the essence of the Star Wars universe. There’s a few other versions around including WOTC’s D20 and Saga Edition and the new Edge of Empire by Fantasy Flight Games, the latter of which is actually built for a campaign like mine. I read, played and liked them all… But I still prefer D6… Most of my advice will therefore be relating to that system, but given the extensive and ‘fluffy’ nature of SWD6 it is recommended reading as a supplement for any Star Wars game regardless of system.

Star Wars D6 Source Material

Core Rules
The Star Wars Roleplaying Game 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded should be available (2nd hand) online, otherwise pick up a digital copy. The number and variety of splat and support books is mind boggling so hunt around; the Rebel, Imperial and Jedi Academy source books are useful for virtually any campaign.

Star Wars Fanbooks
The single best resource for SWD6 are the Star Wars Fanbooks. These pdfs collate virtually every starship, vehicle, weapon, droid, alien and gadget ever found in a D6 source book…

D6 Rules
D6 Space is an official, generic Sci-Fi follow-up of the SWD6 system with expanded and optional rules for combat, cybernetics, Advantages and Disadvantages.

I would also recommend the Rancor Pit Forums closest thing to an official forum for Star Wars D6 there is. If you can’t find a resource or answer here, the active and friendly community will soon help you out.

D6 Wiki
Lastly you might also want to use the D6 Holocon Wiki. Other Wikis are great too!

Starship Rules
If you’re planning on running any kind of ‘starship crew’ game, I highly recommend both Platt’s Smugglers Guide and Pirates and Privateers which have everything you need to equip and upgrade your ship, as well as ply your trade in space, be you Pirate, Smuggler, Rebel Trouble Shooter or Freelancer.

There is a multitude of prewritten adventures available including official modules; the Adventure Journal series (collections of short scenarios); games within the planet, system and SPLAT Sourcebooks; there’s even a couple of Campaigns. You could literally run a similar campaign to ours by stringing together any number of these with very little homework required.
WOTC also supported its games with a bunch of short, free adventures on their site that are easily adapted.


Star Wars
Apart from the obvious, check out the incredible library of official expanded universe; comics, novels and audio books, not to mention the truly inexhaustible collection of fan-fiction, fan-films and other OP campaigns. Also check out the Clone Wars T.V. Series. I loathe the prequels but SWTCW is not only a good watch, it’s loaded with interesting locations and scenarios.

At first glimpse Star Trek may not seem a good fit, but with over 500 episodes there’s more than enough story hooks, settings, encounters, planets and NPCs waiting for you to adapt. For a station setting check out DS9, for Rebels on the run (or any hostile territory/limited resource scenario) check out Voyager. Do not check out Enterprise… for any reason what so ever.
Babylon 5 is one of my favourite series of all time and again, it is also set on a space station with a multitude of similar hooks and adventure ideas ripe for the taking. Also good if you’re taking a political or military angle.
Almost every episode of Firefly could be turned into a Star Wars Adventure- I stole more than a few ideas from there myself.

There’s a lot of online resources for Star Wars including the official Star Wars site, but Wookipedia is the one stop shop for all all your Star Wars and expanded universe information, much of which actually comes from the D6 RPG (it uses the RPG’s formatting for planets)!

Video Games
The Mass Effect and Fallout series both play with themes and scenarios perfect for Star Wars. ME deals specifically with a crew and both games focus on integrating fleshed out NPC character arcs into the PC story.

General Media
Don’t limit yourself to Sci-Fi!
WW2 fighter combat, western and Samurai movies all served as inspirations for George Lucas. Whenever you’re watching a T.V. Series or reading a book or comic, think about how it could be adapted to the Star Wars universe.


Miniature Tiles and Maps
Star Wars Miniature Maps

Singles of Star Wars Miniatures, characters and starships are available everywhere. Troll & Toad’s postage is prohibitive for Internationals (I recommend Games Empire for Australians) but they have great bulk deals for U.S. locals. Also check out Paizo

Starship Maps
Two greats free sites are the Star Wars Deckplans Alliance and Colonial Chrome but I also found two great commercial sets from Maps of Mastery and the “0 hr: Art & Technology”: range on Drive Thu RPG which has a lot of other great terrain and maps.

Running Our Own Star Wars Rogue Traders Campaign

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