The Traitor's Gambit Floor Plan


Instruction to print your own, miniature scale deck plan:
Right click and ‘save as’ to your desktop.


  • One print of the above complete deckplan (any size).
  • Two printed copies of each image below at 100%
  • Large sheet of black paper or card (90X60cm)
  • Large sheet of white paper or card.
  • Plastic Sheathe (optional)
  • Pencil, eraser, black marker, spray glue or glue stick, adhesive tape, craft knife and scissors.

Create a Template
Cut out one set of prints (including the black borders).
Referring to the above complete deckplan as a guide, tape the cut-out subsections together to create a rough template for the whole ship. You will need to trim some of the black borders to fit the pieces properly and use a black marker (and blank paper) to fill any gaps, missing edges etc.

Create the Silhouette
Lay down the template on a blank sheet of black card and trace the silhouette of the ship in pencil (feel free to make your own lumps and bumps!).
Do not cut it out yet!

Create the Deckplan
Using the second set of deckplan prints, cut out each subsection carefully.
This time, trim to the edge of the actual illustrated deckplans, not the silhouette.
Either include the doors OR leave the doors off the Deckplan and use the door cut-outs on image 1 (or some sort of other 3D representation) to make ‘open and shut’ doors.
Scissors are best for curves, blades for straight lines.

Assemble the Deckplan
Lay down the sheet with the silhouette outline.
Lay down the final cut out subsections and make sure it all fits together properly BEFORE you glue them down! (You may need to rework individual subsections).
Once you’re happy, without removing the other pieces, glue the central, circular (turret) piece into place. Now glue each section down, working from one glued piece to the next.
Once all the pieces are in place and dry, make sure (and adjust if necessary) the silhouette and then carefully cut it out.
Make sure you take your time and cut carefully to crate a nice crisp border.
Glue your final deckplan onto white (or another contrasting colour) paper, or better yet, board.

If you can, purchase a plastic sheathe to keep it in (I recommend a single, blank sleeve from an artists portfolio, available at art supply stores). You can even use a dry erase marker on it!





The Traitor's Gambit Floor Plan

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