The Eye


EyeData Sheet

Type: Orbital Space Station
Function: Rogue Trade
Region: Outer Rim
Sector: The Gauntlet (Asteroid Belt)
Climate: Artificial
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Urban
Species: Varies
Starport: Stellar
Population: Variable; 5-10,000
Government: Private Corporate with Council
Tech Level: Space
Exports: Varies
Imports: Subsistence


The Eye is a singular, massive one time mobile mining platform. It’s original owners unknown it has passed through hands both malevolent and benign; now playing the role of a trade hub and refuge for tramp freighters and the industry that thrives to serve them including merchants, service and sales agents (legitimate and criminal), corporate representatives, bounty hunters, explorers, rebels, mercenaries, criminals, travellers, vagrants and specialists. At any one time there could be over 5000 guests and residents and over a thousand staff.


Powerful tractor beams; once used to draw in valuable space borne minerals for processing now create a vast bubble of repulsive force, protecting the station and it’s residents from the vast and hazardous strip of asteroids called The Gauntlet; a veritable ‘eye in the storm’.

The Station is divided into an upper and lower platforms; mirroring each other between a central column containing the essential systems that power and supply the station.

The Upper Platform
The Nest (upper dome) can accept over two hundred starships; providing docking, restocking, storage and repair facilities.
A single tiered level with mezzanine called The Market separates the docks and the habitat zone. It is the central trade and mercantile district for the whole station including all manner of retail, services, entertainment and business fronts.
The middle and lower level Habitat Zone or Habz provide temporary and permanent accommodations for between one and five thousand residents and visitors. They are divided into three distinct zones; the exclusive high security Gold Suites, premium Blue suites and Grey budget accommodations.

The Central Column
This Pillar links the upper and lower platforms with a series of personnel and industrial turbolifts passing through the power and environmental systems of the station. Damaged shafts allow access for the displaced, destitute and desperate to take up unofficial occupation in the The Hive between these systems. The Bowels is a complex and ever-changing mult-level slum; complete with all the usual scum and villainy one would expect.

The Lower Platform
Highly restricted, The Heart’s upper levels are occupied by the station executive; management and Space Guild elite.
Middle levels provide accommodations and offices for all station staff including Hangar crews, administration, maintenance, security and wing crews.
The final levels, once dedicated to ore extraction and processing now house the The Stone Cutters defence wing.

Executive Administration

The Eye is owned and ran by Administrator Yohrn and advised by a Station Council of four including The Station Tzar, Station Governor, a Space Guild Ambassador and Democratically elected Merchant Representative.

Yohrn Geffenn
Responsibilities: Ultimate authority on The Eye.

Station Tzar
Hargon Vuul
Responsibilities: Security, customs, defence and command of the wing.

Station Governor
Graag Saugin
Responsibilities: Management of all daily operations, station administration and maintenance.

Space Guild Ambassador
Charlin Leeds
Responsibilities: To represent the needs of the Space Guild and all ship crews residing in or visiting the station.

Merchant Representative.
Bootojuun (Orgrahn Ore Transfer)
Responsibilities: To represent the needs of the Merchant Guild and merchants residing or visiting the station.

Auxiliary Staff

Customs (Ambassadors)
Specialized customs agents. With The Eye’s Free Trade Policy, Customs agents act as the front line eyes and ears of station activity; particularly breaches of the few restricted trade goods.

Security Force (Caps)
Each section is run by a Section Chief who reports to the Tsar. Captain led squads patrol the station, guard sensitive locations, investigate crime and deal with trouble.

Orbital Defence Force (The Stone Cutters)
A force of starfighters and patrol ships that patrol and defend the station and residential ships requiring assistance.

Galactic Scouts (The Skimmers)
Contracted Scouts who patrol and monitor The Gauntlet, surrounding space, local and systems of interest.

Marine Commandos (The Rancors)
A Special force of elite marines, who deal with the more difficult situations on behalf of the administration.

Station Administration (The Suits)
A wide variety of administrators, managers, clerks and support staff, mostly behind the scenes including Orbital Control and Medical Staff.

Docking Engineers (The Black Suits)
Any docking crew member including deck crew, mechanics, operators, cargo handlers and maintenance staff.

Station Engineers
A team of engineers and repair crews who maintain any core structural or station wide systems. Also responsible for weapon systems and the repulsor field generators.

Station Maintenance (Scrap Rats)
A core team of ‘living’ janitorial professionals who utilise a large and diverse contingent of droids to clean and maintain the space station.

The Eye

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