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Rogue Traders is a Star Wars D6 campaign and May 2012’s Campaign of the Month.

The four crew members of The Traitor’s Gambit pit their abilities, wits, blasters and character points against the dangers of travel and trade on the outer rim… and beyond!

This Adventure Log is written by the players in their characters’ voices.

This is a Star Wars campaign written in the spirit of the original trilogy using the D6 WEG Star Wars Roleplaying Game, Expanded and Revised. It is Gungan, Midi-chlorian and Battledroid free.
We hope you enjoy your time with us in the space-lanes…

All veterans of gaming; Xandoxan and Shortmeister have been my loyal companions at the table top for over fifteen years; Kanhead and Cerritus are on their second and third campaigns; while Bort joins us for the first time.
In addition to Star Wars (D6 and Saga) we enjoy D&D (3.5 & 4E), Deadlands, Mage, Shadowrun, 7th Sea, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Mouseguard and board-games.
We meet weekly, running with as many as 6 and as few as 3 but typically the ‘golden 5’ (4 players & a GM).

We tend to treat our gaming night like a social sport; we are members of a ‘team’. We take the game seriously but not ourselves.

All character illustrations by Damien Holder www.damienholder.com

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Adventure Logs organised according to actual play sessions.
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Prolog: Rogue Traders
Author: Damienmaster
After a separate night of character creation; the first official game session was a ‘Use of Weapons’ inspired, time shifting, multi threaded tale; beginning In medias res and proceeding to lace the disparate backgrounds of the characters together through a series of playable ‘flashbacks’.
Though I have presented the Prolog as a single descriptive third person narrative (based on my game notes); each scene was actually ‘played’ out by the characters. I thought it was inappropriate to ask the players for Journal entries with this session (preferring them to concentrate on the game). These notes are NOT as compelling as my player’s sessional game Journals and have been included for sole the purposes of completion; Instead I recommend you begin with Session 1

Rogue Traders
Session 0
Author: Manco
The crew of The Traitor’s Gambit assemble.

The Eye of the Storm
Session 1
Author: Manco
The crew arrives at The Eye, a rogue space station dedicated to free-trade that serves as a hub for smugglers and other elements of the fringe and takes up residence. They make a few friends; a few enemies; answer a few sticky questions and accept their first contract.

Session 2
Author: Manco
The crew travel to Hoth to pick up some live cargo but someone left the gate open; forcing the crew try their hand at wrangling… maybe more than one type of local fauna!

Between a Hoth and a hard place…
Session 3
Author: Manco
Before the crew can muster up their cargo (and a few credits) they will have to go through a couple of irate ‘locals’.

Slug Bait
Session 4
Author: Manco
The crew take on a simple run… Too bad (especially for the client) that the cargo has ideas of its own. They arrive on Dynann and accept a rather interesting if enigmatic ‘treasure hunt’.
(The real and in-game crew sadly lose Cerritus to opportunities overseas, retiring Drohn Kolgar)

Missing Persons
Session 5
Authors: Manco Tyr Station Security
After investigating a spicy sample recovered from Hoth the crew are shocked by the sudden disappearance of Drohn. The crew accept an Investigation, Salvage and Rescue contract and travel to Torg.

Jungle Story
Session 6
Author: Manco
The crew investigate a missing researcher on Torg, negotiate the ‘Mega Flora’, eat a few giant insects and have their first Imperial entanglement.
(New player Bort joins the crew both in and out of game introducing Arribacca with his first table top RPG experience- ever!)

The Black Claw
Session 7
Author: Arribacca
New crew member Arribacca (and assistant to a certain missing researcher) accounts his side of the story before meeting the Gambit Crew; How he lost a fight (though you should see the other guy) and the fur flew when he met Black Claw.

Full Frontal Assault!
Session 8
Author: Manco
The crew throw plans out the airlock and assault an Imperial Bunker with surprisingly effective results… Except for some badly placed explosives and a war crime or two… Oh, and don’t forget the Tie-Fighters…

Fight or Flight
Session 9
Author: Tyr
The crew flees Torg, but will they be adding a few Tie-Fighter silhouettes to their hull, or repairing blaster holes? And an unwelcome hitch-hiker makes himself at home- In the crew’s slipstream!

“I’ve got to get back to my quarters…”
Session 10
Author: Vrinko
Vrinko and Arribacca lose one stray dog, only to pick up another and follow it back to it’s kennel. Arribacca finds a spicy detour (not Veedo’s Gumfish) while Vrinko makes a house call… and learns a new Jedi trick the hard way.

Eye on Eye Special Reports:
Session 10
Notice of Marque: The Spacers guild and Confederation of Independent Traders issue letters of Marque against two troublesome Pirate Crews.
Space Walking: An alarming increase of Airlock breaches station wide.

Let’s go shopping!
Session 11
Author: Manco
The crew explore the Market level and visit a few of the local merchants and Manco starts the upgrades to the ship while everyone else looks into making some quick creds by chasing pirate booty.

The Trojan Wookie
Session 12
Author: Tyr
Tyr has a close encounter with local security and follows the trail of blood that ensues, earning Imperial approval.
Vrinko drops an anonymous tip to Areena Tana concerning her report on Airlock breaches.

Deep Hunted
Session 13
Author: Arribacca
Arribacca recounts the Gambit Crew’s alliance with The Firecracker to hunt some wild boar in the space-lanes- but don’t get cocky…

The Hunters Become The Hunted
Session 14
Author: Arribacca
The only thing worse than a stowaway is the mess they leave behind; especially the hungry, vicious and poisonous kind.

A Ship full of K’lorslugs!
Session 15
Author: Vrinko
If the crew can clear out the pests before they all fall unconscious they may find themselves collecting more than one bounty and a little celebrity…
(Shortmeister moves temporarily overseas for employment opportunities. Manco remains faithfully in play as a surrogate PC until his return later in the year)

A Cry for Help (Breakout!)
Session 16
Author: Arribacca
Arribacca recounts delivering a live Dejarik piece to Chessel Bard how they (minus Vrinko) answer the call of a lady in distress, pursue a band of Trandoshan slavers and earn themselves a nanny.

Lizard Roast (Breakout!)
Session 17
Author: Tyr
Tyr recounts delivering a live Dejarik piece to Chessel Bard how they (minus Vrinko) answer the call of a lady in distress, pursue a band of Trandoshan slavers and earn themselves a nanny.

More Reasons to Drink…
Session 18
Author: Vrinko
While Arribacca leads the rest of the crew off chasing Wookie tail, Vrinko feels a disturbance in the force and looks into the Witch’s crystal ball.

A Simple Run
Session 19
Author: Arribacca
What starts as a subcontract for a stranded courier service might turn into a rescue mission, a dockside shoot-out or blockade run… or maybe a little bit of everything.

Imperial Entanglements
Session 20
Author: Vrinko
After Vrinko finishes counting the creds a spectacular and explosive fire-fight ensues. The crew picks up a loveable rogue and stashes more than one passenger in the new smugglers compartments as they have their first official encounter with Imperial bureaucracy.

Ship Upgrades
Session 21
The crew overhauls The Traitor’s Gambit with some much overdue upgrades.

Familiar Territory
Session 22
Author: Arribacca
After a ‘flash’ from the Witch, Vrinko leads the crew down into the bowels of the station where they but heads (literally) with a crew of thugs roughing up the locals. Fists, blaster bolts and Dugs will fly. A sinister, station-wide plot is uncovered and a name… ‘The Grell’.

A Buzz in the Hive
Session 22
Vrinko leans on his Kanner Ziracch for information on The Grell.

Be Careful…
Session 22
Kanner Ziracch comes through with the data requested by Vrinko, and an ominous warning…

Session 23
Author: Tyr
Tyr laments on their Samaritan work; using a data pad found on the now airborne Quarm the crew set about a thorough station-wide investigation into The Grell’s activities; employing a 2%er and a 2nd degreeer.
The crew pick up a new contract to pick through the bones of a derelict Corporate world.
(Old comrade Katsuben joins the crew to carry the heavy weight of Manco’s dice bag while Shortmeister is away. Kanhead departs for a month long holiday!)

Private Eye
Session 24
Author: Arribacca
The Relik run is put on hold while Tyr and Manco deal with a Mynock infestation. Meanwhile, Vrinko and Arribacca investigate the latest in a possible string of related murders on the station; making enquiries, greasing palms, visiting bars and slipping under the radar.
(With Kanhead, Shortmeister and Katsuben away we take advantage of a tween session and play with two)

Treasure Hunt
Session 25
Author: Arribacca
With the Mynock’s dealt with, the crew take off for Relik. They arrive to find they are not alone, play tag with a few Proton torpedos and enter a labyrinth. They avoid a series of hazards only to create one of their own…

One of Those Missions
Session 26
Author: Vrinko
After dealing with a mawish menace, they finally discover the ‘relik’ and that they are not alone… twice.

Moving Shadows
Session 27
Author: Arribacca
The crew face off against the girls of The Banshee… And learn that perhaps they are not the centre of the Universe… And find new uncomfortable ways to store spears.

Manifest Destiny
Session 28 & 29
Authors: Vrinko Tyr
The crew should know by now that there’s no simple delivery, except when it seems like there’s going to be trouble… And where’s Arri going with that Bothan?

Blood Simple
Session 30
Authors: Arribacca Manco Tyr
As the smoke clears after a potential hostage situation, a new host of unwanted guests both on and off the ship test the nerve, insight, detective abilities and marksmanship of our hapless crew…

Session 31
Author: Arribacca
The crew find themselves dealing with the aftermath of their little dockside skirmish- in a detention centre! But will it be a case of out of the frying pan and into the ion cannon fire?

Gamorrean Entanglements
Session 32
Authors: Vrinko Manco
The deck is a litter with bloody, Bloody Tussks while Vrinko ‘Forces’ himself bewteen two airlocks with nothing but a lightsabre and a space suit…

Cleaning Up
Session 33
Author: Arribacca
As the Gambit pulls away from the maw of its captor’s jaws, they engage in a lengthy space battle with their raider enemies… Hopefully the bounty outweighs the repair costs.

Eight Sides to Trouble
Session 34
Authors: Tyr Arribacca
When the crew return, they ‘face the consequences’ of their last mission with a visit to the infamous Octagon on The Eye. Tyr fumes, Arri swoons, Vrinko croons while Manco drools…

Much Discussion
Session 35
Author: Manco
After returning from the Octagon, Manco muses on the Crew’s deliberations as to what to do next…
(First game of 2012!)

Reply to Madame Khorash
Session 35
Author: Arribacca
The smitten Arribacca replies to Madame Khorash’s ultimatum business proposal.

Revenge is a Blue Milk Best Served Cold
Session 36
Author: Tyr Manco
Manco & Tyr get busy on the station with their enemies; charming and antagonising a Twilek of few words; researching how best to bring home the Gamorean bacon; orchestrating a bar-room brawl with two masked men; and letting the Wookie win (or at least get away).

On the Black Claw Trail
Session 37
Author: Vrinko Tyr Arribacca
The crew are on the trail of the infamous Black Claw and find themselves trapped like a wamp rat in a cage with an Arri full of rage… While Vrino sets up a con.

I think you’ve had enough…little one
Session 38
Author: Manco
Manco and Vrinko leave the fight at the night at the fights, only to return again on the trail of a dirty witch… But not before an intoxicated Jawa tries to ‘spice things up’ at The Kessels Run.

Hope Or Despair
Session 39
Author: Vrinko
Vrinko is called to the aid of an ailing witch and immediately sets off to secure his property; only to encounter some old friends… And show them the same ‘hospitality’ they received previously.

Something Spicey
Session 40
Author: Arribacca Manco
Tyr and Manco delve into the Hive to trial a career as Spice King Pins, while Arribacca and Vrinko catch up with an associate who plans to test the line ‘My name is Urgle Pyne, I’m here to rescue you’.

A Hunting We Go
Session 41
Author: Manco
Before helping Urgle Pyne with his family issues, the crew decide to chase up an old lead and head to Socorro, to hunt the fabled M’onnok… But will the hunters become the hunted?
(Session 41 celebrates our awarding of Campaign of the Month for May 2012- Well done crew!)

Prize in the Black Sands
Session 42
Author: Manco Arribacca
The crew with Urgle Pyne and local guide Vuul in tow are hot on the trail of the legendary Monnok. On the way they test the old Socorron proverb “Man who kicks wasp nest, should expect to be stung”… But will it also apply to their confrontation with the beast? Will we see a more contemplative side to our crew?

From Russan With Love
Session 43
Authors: Tyr Manco
Having offloaded their ‘livestock’ on the buyer, the crew take on a job helping Urgle Pyne reunite his ‘family’ on Russan; maybe this time they can turn the inevitable bar-room brawl to their advantage?

Bad Trip
Session 44
Authors: Arribacca Manco Vrinko
Arribacca and Tyr go undercover as the crew stake-out the Krayt Dragon HQ, but can Arribacca use tricks and nonsense to cover up his conspicuous entrance? Will they find Urgle’s brother? Will they gather the intelligence they need? Or even show any?

Fool’s Gambit
Vrinko reflects on the Fool’s Gambit of the last few days.

The Dragon’s Hoard
Session 45
Authors: Tyr Arribacca Vrinko Manco
The crew put set their masterplan into action, the reward is a cargo hold full of loot and their companions Urgle reunion with his ‘princess’. They’re off to a great start but few plans survive first contact with the enemy- And this is no exception.

Enter The Dragon Warehouse
Session 46
Authors: Arribacca Manco
The crew run headlong into the maw of the beast, blasters blazing… It’s all fun and games until someone throws a grenade!

Grab A Dragon By The Tail
Session 47
Authors: Arribacca Vrinko Manco
The crew fight a desperate battle, room to room, to turbolift. Vrinko shows off, but what’s that loud noise coming the warehouse…

Dragon Heist
Session 48
Authors: Arribacca Manco
After rounding up (or blasting) the last of the Krayt Dragons, all that remains is loading up the loot… Oh, and dealing with the guard ‘dog’. Manco offloads with a new weapon, while Tyr offloads on a console. Will they have time to fill the cargo bay before the rest of the gang shows and will they have a full ship of passengers when they leave?

Offloading Ill-Gotten Gains
Session 49
Authors: Manco
Urgle is dead, and a reluctant crew, suspicious of foul play take his Brother and girlfriend on board. The crew return to the station and offload their goods, finding that some gotten gains are more ill than others…

A Disturbing Opportunity
Session 49
Author: Vrinko
Vrinko has a vision…

Memory Wipe
Session 50
Authors: Arribacca Manco
After deciding on Urgle Pyne’s estate, Manco builds a speeder bike despite the ‘assistance’ of the crew and the crew meet independent Bounty Hunter Xanin; who has an interesting proposal for a jailbreak… Which includes wiping the memories of Arribacca and Manco!

An Easy Credit
Session 51
Authors: Arribacca Manco Vrinko
The crew head to an Imperial world with a script for a jail-break, two blank minds and a Mon Cal Femme Fatal… Doesn’t sound simple, but maybe it will be…

Session 52
Authors: Manco Arribacca
Arribacca burns a hole in his credstick, Vrinko leaves the nest and the crew pick up the trail of an old lead. Areena Tana has gone missing; investigating a series of station deaths but will the crew find her before she meets her Dead line.

A Fist Full of Droid Parts
Session 53
Authors: Tyr Arribacca Manco Vrinko
The crew raid the quarters of an apparently rogue technician involved in both the recent station murders and Areena Tana’s disappearance. But the lair of the ‘killer’ is not undefended or uninhabited…

Metal Case Closed
Session 54
Authors: Arribacca Manco
The killer is revealed and the crew move in for the kill… or at least the deactivation… Man V Machine in a brutal contest for Areena Tana’s life. Manco monkeys around the big bad while Arribacca goes the full ragetard… But where did Vrinko and Tyr go?

Darkly Dreaming DX-2
Authors: Areena Tana
Special Eye On Eye report detailing the ‘ Clean Killings

Reflections V1
Session 55
Authors: Arribacca Tyr Manco
In the aftermath of solving the Clean Killings, the crew take a moment to reflect. Arribacca dreams of Master, a Devil tries to make a deal with Tyr and Manco leaves an unorthodox house warming present for Vrinko. But the crew aren’t still for long, off to pick what turns out to be an old friend and deliver them him to a new place of employment.

Pick Up Artists
Session 56
Authors: Arribacca Manco
The crew travel to a distant star to pick up a passenger; who turns out to be an old ‘friend’… And then some other old friends arrive and they need to shoot their way out!

Escaping ESKP2
Session 57
Authors: Arribacca Manco
As they smoke clears, Arri tries his hand at interrogation techniques only for Manco to steal the show. The path seems clear but there’s more trouble in store as they enter orbit. Will the crew add a few more silhouettes or will Von Reiser steal the show this time?

A New Alliance
Session 58
Author: Manco
After taking bets on the turncoats possesions they deliver Von Reiser to an abandoned space station, where the crew discover that the receivers of their delivery are old friends too! These ‘old friends’ have connections of a ‘turncoat’ variety and make an offer of employment of sorts. The crew receive an interesting payment for their hard work which leads to a breakthrough in one of their current side projects… Which they decide to go the whole hog into!

Pigs In Space
Session 59
Authors: Manco Arribacca
After assembling the ‘Squealer’ the crew embark on a ‘pig hunt’ with hopes of locating the sty.

In space no one can hear you squeal
Session 60
Authors: Manco Arribacca
After sharing their home holovids with the Spacers Guild, the crew put on a ‘spread’ to try and press gang a strikeforce to take the fight to the ‘Bib Pig’. Will The Watcher Fleet bring home the bacon or come out looking like a bunch of hams…

Roast Pigs
Session 61
Author: Manco
After a bit of fancy flying, the Watcher Fleet returns victorious to a heroes welcome, but when two Jawa’s walk into a bar, is the start of a business arrangement, a mission of mercy or a bad joke?

Sunstrokes & Speeders
Session 62
Author: Tyr
Leaving Vrinko behind to track a missing person, the crew head to a planet furthest from the centre of the galaxy, to help a Jawa clan with raiders… And Tyr is less than impressed.

Hot On The Trail
Session 63
Author: Arribacca Manco
After some minor ship upgrades, the crew arrive on Tatooine and hope to beat more than the heat. After some uneventful Imperial entanglements, a brief costume change and wrecking their rental, Vrinko follows them and they head out into the desert together.

The Legion Revealed
Session 64
Author: Arribacca
The crew set up a sting for the raiders, but will they find answers or more questions… in binary…

Some Old Friends
Session 65
Author: Drohn
A stray shows up on the door without explanation, but the crew already have a new pet. Will there be an emotional reunion or will they send him back to the pound… Either way, there WILL be high explosives, AT-STs and Sarlacc pits!

Paybacks a Bitch
Session 66
Author: Manco
Manco looks up an ‘old friend’ and makes a house call with a message from his… or her family- “Payback’s a Bitch”!

Dangerous Streets
Session 65-67
Author: Arribacca
Arribacca recounts the previous few days including taking a beating in a back alley from some ‘fans’ of Manco’s previous work- But nothing a Wrruushi elbow can’t eventually fix.

Back to Civilization
Session 67-68
Author: Vrinko
After finding out that Manco has an actual monetary value, Vrinko returns to a new and improved Witch with a new an improved purpose.

Session 68
Author: Arribacca
Arribacca has a vision, Tyr has a new toy, the crew have a new mission.

The Dark Side of the Galaxy
Session 69
Authors: Tyr Arribacca
Directed by the mystical powers of “Vrinko’s… adopted grandfather” the crew seek out a dark presence in space and discover a Ghost Ship!

Heart of the Beast
Session 70
Authors: Vrinko
Vrinko and The Witch head down into the heart of darkness of the ominous ship to discover the that the vessel may indeed not be abandoned… Or is Vrinko hearing voices again… hang on, where IS Vrinko?

Belly of the Beast
Session 71
Authors: Vrinko
Vrinko discovers that there is a battle being fought on the ship, a battle of wills, a battle of light and dark and a battle for Vrinko’s soul… As he ventures fourth unto the breach, he meets the source of the voice and will discover that the decisions are all his.

Mind of the Beast
Session 72
Authors: Vrinko
Vrinko makes his choices and meets with the new woman in his life… Answers to his questions, offers and rewards are offered… But one remains who will force one last important decision for Vrinko to make…

A Dark Presence
Session 73
Author: Arribacca
Arribacca discovers Vrinko standing over a dead body, a chance to fight the galaxy and a mentor willing to help; leaving him speechless…

GOMA Training Part 1
Session 74
Author: Arribacca
Arribacca’s training for the GOMA begins… But he’d better stop monkeying around…

GOMA Training Part 2
Session 75
Author: Arribacca
Arribacca’s continues training like a bull in a livestock suppliers… And and old friend drops by for a visit.

GOMA Training Part 3
Session 76
Author: Arribacca
Arribacca’s training take him into the bowels of the station, but is that a Dianoga in your pocket, or are you just pleased top see me?Master Worgf takes one last opportunity to whip him into shape and asks him to explore his family tree.

GOMA The GOMA Tournament Part 1
Session 77
Author: Arribacca
Your training is now complete… Arribacca steps into the ring for day one of the GOMA, facing biffo with a Bith, girl trouble and a greased pig… Will he make it to day two?

GOMA The GOMA Tournament Part 2
Session 78
Author: Arribacca
Of course he will! (see previous entry). Day two of the GOMA and the herd is thinning. An Amanin rolls out the red carpet while a Mantellian Savrip extends the hand of friendship while Black Claw tries to throw him off his game… or does he? If he makes it through to the end he’ll face Iza Ghuul! Will he be OK? Will it be a KO? Will he wake up in a Bacta Tank? Will he wake up at all?

Shining Compass
Session 79-80
Author: Arribacca
Sorry sports fans, Arribacca does indeed wake up in a Bacta tank, and to the feelings in his heart. Tyr has feelings too, so the crew head to Nar Shaddaa to tie up some loose ends… And an Imperial Officer… Then home to trouble… Imperial trouble…

Mistrust and Old Friends
Session 79-80
Author: Tyr
Talia arrives to give Tyr a hand, but who’s is it? The crew rush off with the Firecackers to Nar Shaddaa to get some answers and all they get for their troubles is… trouble!

Session 74-80
Author: Vrinko
Vrinko reflects on the past few days and makes enough credits to start preparing the Leviathan- That is if he can ‘convince’ Tyr and the rest of the crew to give up their rightful share… Before the Imperial invasion!

Battle of the Eye
Session 81-82
Authors: Arribacca Vrinko Tyr
The Empire has declared war on the residents of the Eye and The Gambit Crew answer the call to arms. Will they survive? Will the Eye fall under the yoke of the Emperor? Will it be destroyed? This is the conclusion to Star Wars: Rogue Traders!

Epilogue: Arribacca

Epilogue: Vrinko Dash

Epilogue: Manco

Epilogue: Tyr Solaris

Epilogue: Around the Galaxy

Star Wars: Rogue Traders

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